RespirAide FAQ

Q – Why is electronic better than media or HEPA?

A – All media filters require frequent replacement and lose airflow. The RespirAide has a permanent collection cell which you simply wash every 3 months and can not plug up and lose airflow. The real advantage is in the size of pollutant particle that can be captured. The best media filter can only filter down to 0.3 microns where as the RespirAide® can filter down to 0.01 microns which is 30 times smaller.


Q – All air cleaners claim to be 99.97% efficient, how can I be sure which one does the best job?

A – Although every air cleaner does claim to clean the air at 99% efficiency the biggest factor to keep in mind is the actual particle size. Generally advertisers will show this “Our air cleaner will operate at 99.97%* efficiency”. Wherever you see”*” you should check the fine print. This usually reads “*99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns” The RespirAide® is 99.97% efficient down to 0.01 microns with NO ASTERISKS!


Q – How much hydro will the RespirAide® consume?

A – In keeping with our low running cost principles the RespirAide® will run the same as a 60 watt bulb on low and a 100 watt bulb on high.


Q – Will the RespirAide® alter the temperature of my home?

A – No the RespirAide® has no heating or cooling components. Sitting directly in front or behind the unit is not recommended as you may feel a draft.


Q – Where is the best place for the RespirAide® in my home?

A – You should set up the unit with the longest possible draw with the back of the unit about 6 inches from a wall. You can also move the unit for rapid cleaning of contaminated areas in the home.


Q – Why is my RespirAide® sparking? Is it Safe?

A – During initial use, snapping sounds may be heard and is completely safe. This is normal and the unit may continue to make these noises for the first few days of operation. After the break-in period, only an occasional snap will be heard. As the cell becomes dirty, it will snap more frequently. When this occurs, the cell should be washed.


Q – Why is my light flickering on the machine?

A – The indicator lamp may flicker and is no cause for alarm. If it fails to come on see the troubleshooting section of your manual.


Q – When should I run my RespirAide®?

A – You should run your RespirAide® all the time.


Q – Which speed should I run my machine most of the time?

A – The lowest speed is the most efficient, the quietest and uses the least amount of hydro therefore is your best bet for 24/7 use. Use the other speeds for rapid cleanings.


Q – How can a portable unit clean the air in such a large space?

A – The RespirAide® simply acts on and redirects currents that already exist in your home. The same currents that bring the smell of breakfast cooking all the way to your bedroom will carry all of your airborne pollutants to the RespirAide®.


Q – Is the RespirAide® for residential use only?

A – Absolutely not. Anywhere people breathe, they need to be protected from contaminated air.


Q – Is the RespirAide® safety certified?

A – The RespirAide® is independently lab tested and certified to be in compliance with UL standard 867 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 187-M1986 by ETL and bears The ETL and cETL mark under report No. 3035728.005.


Q – Will my RespirAide® add or remove humidity or moisture from my home?

A – There are no components in this equipment to alter the humidity levels in your home. Some clients do put a large container of water behind the unit during the winter which will add some moisture to the air.


Q – Why is the RespirAide® not sold in stores?

A – The only way to really see if an air cleaner works is to run it in a familiar environment. The difference it makes is noticeable immediately. As well most retail sales people are responsible for so many products with so many different purposes it is impossible for them to be experts in any one area. Our representatives expertise is in customer satisfaction, air quality and air cleaners.


Q – Who should have a RespirAide®?

A – Everyone’s health is at risk, from infants to seniors. The RespirAide® can not only help prevent respiratory problem from developing, but can provide more comfortable living for those already suffering.


Q – Does it work as well with the windows open?

A – Of course, open windows will actually help to increase the air currents. The RespirAide® will also help to circulate the air that’s coming in from open windows. Even though open windows will allow some pollution in, the increased currents should keep the RespirAide® working just fine.