I’m writing this note to let you know just how pleased we are with our new RespirAide Electronic Air Cleaner. We had purchased two air cleaners in the previous six months, but there is no comparison to yours. I have emphysema (COPD). It has made such a difference in my breathing. I used to wake up coughing several times during the night and now I sleep right through. We really notice how well it cleans the dust from the air and eliminates the odor from smoking, cooking and the pets. We appreciate having a sales man like Grant Bendig. He really knows his product, and answered all of our questions without pressuring us in any way. Grant is not a salesman to us, we honestly believe we have a new friend.

– Al and Marg Read


I bought an air cleaner from your company over a year ago. I loved it at the time, and am writing to say I still think this is terrific. At first, I thought the price was steep. Yes, of course I realize that there is no price that can be put on health. As much as I thought of the machine, during the first few weeks of having it, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe I should have purchased something for less money. Now, a year later, I’m glad I kept my machine and still feel it was well worth every penny! I have a dog and two cats. I clean my house thoroughly every day and have my ducts cleaned regularly. I thought it was clean, but noticed a difference after the air purifier had been here for only one day. Also, I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of housecleaning I have to do since I got the machine. A couple of weeks ago my grown son decided he wanted to store a musty, smelly old carpet at my home. (Kids, go figure….) Well, I had decided to open the windows, so turned off the air purifier. Within 30 minutes that entire room smelled like that nasty old carpet. I know that items off-gas, but I had never noticed it until I had the machine for a while and then turned it off! I turned the air purifier on again and, within 30 minutes the air was fresh again and I can’t smell that carpet. It also rids the air of kitty litter odor, cooking odor, smoke, etc. I’ve also noticed that I sleep better at night and don’t have any problems whatsoever with pollen allergies when I’m home. The machine has never given me any trouble, never needed servicing, and I can’t believe the stuff that collects on it, that would otherwise be going into our lungs! It works as well today as the day I bought it. So, over a year later, I’m still very happy with this product. Everybody should have one! It’s never too early or too late to enjoy this. So thank you for distributing such a helpful, healthful product. I wish you the best of luck.

– Laurie Reece


I just wanted to write this letter to tell you what a great product you have, and I hope that you share this letter with future owners. My story starts with my husband and myself purchasing a home. To make a long story short, the ceiling in our son’s room collapsed and we had a bat problem. We had a new roof put on, but that really did nothing for the musty smell of the rotted wood that caused the accident. The roof had leaked, and unbeknownst to us, had leaked all the way down the inside of the walls, to the basement. Needless to say, our house did not smell very good. As time passed, approximately 6 months, we continued to smell this horrible musty smell and remnants of the bats. As it turns out, the roofers did not do a very good job, and we had severe water damage again. Hence the smell. One night, I answered my phone to hear a voice say that i had won a gift and all i had to do is listen for a 1/2 hour about a product they were selling. I agreed, and had him over the same night. Truly, I am so glad that I did. Not only was the salesman friendly and courteous, but also he knew his product very well. Really, he didn’t need to though, because it sold itself. I was sold 2 minutes into the presentation. I have been in sales, and know what it’s like to be sold and taken for a ride. Not this time! I could smell the difference in my air after 15 minutes. Everything that was told to me about the air cleaner was logical and feasible. I kept the air cleaner upstairs in my dining room, because we had just painted and the fumes were pretty bad. The smell was gone the next day. I decided the real test would be down in my basement, where the cat litter box is, my husband smokes, and where the musty smell is the worst. This product passed with flying colors! My husband has a cigarette and the smell is gone in minutes. There is no odor anymore of the litter box, and the musty odor IS GONE. The funny part of it, the roof is still leaking. I am so glad I answered my phone, and decided to listen to what the gentleman had to say. Thank you for calling and for such a great product.

– Melanie Dison, Dundas, Ontario


After several years of intermittent respiratory ailments: coughing, allergies, sinus and recurring headaches, I have miraculously been almost free from these irritants and afflictions since purchasing the Respiraide 200T. The staff and I are very grateful for our increased efficiency and better health. What a difference to the quality of air and this was a fantastic investment to improve our health.

Sincerely,  Dr. P.P. Morin, B.A., D.D.S.


Dear Mike Winn; Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with my family about RespirAide and helping to facilitate my purchase. We love it. I have had my RespirAide for approximately 2 weeks now and the difference in air quality is amazing. My grandson started sleeping through the night because he could finally breathe – his nose was no longer crusted up stopping him from breathing. I have found that my headaches are gone, my sinuses are no longer swollen in the morning. My pregnant daughter has noticed that she can breathe in the morning and she isn’t having chest and stomach pains from struggling to breathe through the night. We notice that the apartment doesn’t smell as strongly from cigarette smoke nor can you tell there is a cat in the apartment anymore. It sucks all the loose fur off of the cat – as he rubs against furniture around it.

But wow did we ever notice the difference when it got dirty and shut off – we knew overnight that it had shut off for cleaning. When looking at it we could actually see the fur clogging the front and upon cleaning it is quite amazing how much dirt is actually in the air. Cleaning took no time at all, wipe, wash, dry and back together all within an hour – set it up for clean and go do something else when you come back ready to go.

I don’t honestly know what I was doing without one previously, we all suffer from bronchial asthma and it has helped to improve breathing for all of us. I would recommend it for everyone.

Thanks again; Helena Fenton


For a couple of weeks, I did not feel well. Sore throat and tired all the time with no appetite. Monday I was off work, but returned the next day because I felt a bit better.  Wednesday I went to the walk in clinic because I felt worse. The doctor told me I had a respiratory infection.  The next day I felt out of breathe when I went to clean the snow off my car. When it took me 6 hours to get ready for work, I went to the hospital. My oxygen level was very low, 79. The doctor put me immediately on oxygen and did a lot of tests. After a week in the hospital he sent me home with a portable oxygen unit. Even the doctor was unsure if the level would come back up.  I had appointments with specialists on January 6, they said I would always be on oxygen. None of the tests explained why my oxygen level was so low.  At the end of January, I purchased a RespirAide Air Cleaner from Platinum Air Care, for my home. I immediately noticed an improvement in my breathing. By then end of February, my doctor removed my portable oxygen unit completely! and my oxygen level is now good. They had no idea what made my oxygen level so low, but it was “DEFINITELY THE AIR I WAS BREATHING”.

Thank you for improving my air with such a superior product. It has not only improved my health, but my quality of life as well.

“Thank you Platinum Air Care”

 Sharon Nickerson – London, ON


Recently my husband and I purchased a RespirAide, and we are so happy with it’s performance. We can’t help ourselves from telling everyone we know about this wonderful machine. I have noticed such a difference in my children’s health, and yes; we did cut down a bit on money!! My husband is extremely pleased in regards to that aspect, as well as the fact that we both enjoy entertaining in our home and with the machine there are no fowl odors throughout our residence anymore! It’s so nice not smelling smoke for three days or more after our guests leave, like we were used to before. Within minutes of the cigarette being extinguished, you can’t smell it! In addition, another point of interest is the fact the mold we had been getting in the shower surround seems to have stopped coming back.

Thank you again Platinum Air Care for such a great product!

Sincerely, Debbie Pietsch – London, ON


Just a note to inform you of our pleasure in purchasing your RespirAide last May. My husband suffers from several allergies and I am very concerned about the air quality in my new home particularly, in light of the fact that we have a two year old child. At first I felt that the machine was not operating as expected, but, over a few days I saw a significant increase in my husband’s health. In fact, his resistance to allergens has greatly improved. He’s also much more tolerant (allergy wise) around our cats, and we sleep more restfully. Now I know that our daughter has better protection against household pollutants, and that in itself is more comforting. We clean the unit on a regular basis and have never failed to be amazed at the filth that this machine has removed from our environment. I am employed in a restaurant and after busy shifts can’t wait to get home to my clean environment and allow my lungs to rest. Even the odor of cigarette smoke on my work clothing is removed by the machine which makes my non-smoking husband very pleased.

Thank-you again and we wish you all continued success with the sale of your units.

Sincerely, Tara Gray – Keswick, ON


My fiancée and I purchased a RespirAide unit on July 3, 2001. I have checked out the website and spoke with a customer service rep, who gave me all the information I required. I have to say I am very impressed with this air purifier. As you state, it is NOT your ordinary air purifier! My sister stopped in last night to visit and she said that she could not tell a smoker lived in the home (and my fiancée smokes a lot)!

Thank you once again.

Sincerest regards, Yvonne Robinson & Shaune Cameron – Durham, ON


Hello, my name is John Dudzic. The RespirAide has helped both of my children with their asthma; not one attack since I’ve had it in my house. I also have lots of birds, and it takes the smell right out of my house. Thank you so much for coming over that night it has changed my life and my children’s lives as well.

Yours sincerely, John Dudzic


K. Hall here: I’ve told many people that I truly love and would not be without my RespirAide. I have felt so much better since I bought it and my dusting is way down my house is so much cleaner that I truly would not be without it. So thank you so much for coming over to see my family and me that night.

Yours truly, K. Hall


Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the electronic air cleaner system I recently purchased. I am a smoker but the air in our apartment is fresh with no cigarette smell. Thank you and continued success.

Anne Wilson


I would like to say a few words on behalf of the deluxe electronic air cleaner. My husband was recently hospitalized due to a severe asthma attack that almost cost him his life. During this time, I had a representative for the deluxe electronic air cleaner phone me and did survey for the product. A few weeks later I had someone from the company visit my home to demonstrate this product for my husband. He and I were amazed at how quickly he noticed the difference in the quality of the air. It only took about half an hour and he told me he could really breathe easier. Normally, I do not purchase a product from anything but a store, but I took a chance this time. Since purchasing this product my husband, my children and I have not had a single lung problem which for a change is a big relief. My husband has now made a full recovery and the RespirAide has greatly reduced our dust and cat hair problems. I am pleased to give my personal recommendation to the RespirAide and I hope that it can and will help someone else like it helped my family.

Sincerely, S. Morden


I recently purchased the RespirAide air purifiers and I have really noticed a difference in my husband’s breathing. He coughs a lot less as well. We owned an air cleaner that didn’t quite do the trick, one with a HEPA filter I believe. I highly recommend this air purifier to anyone and EVERYONE! The representative technician Jason Chapeau.

Helen Pope – Fergus ON


We purchased a RespirAide air purifier from you about 6 months ago. We are pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with our purchase. The air quality in our home has improved perceptibly and odors, such as cooking etc., are removed in a relatively short time. A couple of days ago I came off the golf course with my eyes burning from pollen exposure. Within an hour of being home it cleared up completely. Furthermore, the dust in our home, which is quite large, has been pretty much eliminated. When we turned the device off for a weekend when we were vacationing, I couldn’t believe the amount of dust that had returned. We want to thank you for bringing this product to our attention and for the good service your company has provided.

Yours Truly, Bill & Faye Graham


Just a short note to let you know that we are pleased with our RespirAide product, Ionizer and VOC Filter. The air in our home is lighter and fresher. I sleep better and when I wake, my head feels rested and clear.

Sincerely, Mrs. Frieda Jutzi


We can’t thank you enough for coming into our lives with this air cleaning device and explaining all of it’s points in a very thorough and honest manner. My husband has total relief from his breathing problems. His doctor on examining him this week is more than pleased in the big difference in his breathing patterns over his last examination, and literally gives his approval on this machine. We totally recommend it’s use to anyone that would like an honest approval for what it has done for one happy customer.

Thank you PAC, Alvin and Murial Mcmillan – London, ON


We have had the RespirAide unit for a month and have noticed an improvement in the air quality. My wife, who suffers from allergies has also noticed a difference in her breathing, as well as sleeping better at nights. The RespirAide Electronic Air Cleaner is well worth the investment for now and well into the future.

Steven E Walsh


I am writing to express my satisfaction with the RespirAide electronic air cleaner which I purchased in December 2003. I have several cats and a dog, and being a very house proud person I normally vacuum and dust every other day, and Swiffer the hardwood floors everyday to pick up cat hairs. I have an open house concept with a wood stove in the basement and another on the main floor. These are kept going all winter and the fine ash produced calls for regular dusting. However, I find that my table tops and credenzas are not showing any near so much dust. Two days after dusting, I find no appreciable build up, and it smells so fresh everywhere, and I am not getting the sinus problems that usually bother me in the winter with the dry air. It was three weeks before I did the first cleaning of the plates unit and filter. The black color of the water showed where all the dust and ash had been collecting. I believe that even in the summer, which I have the windows open that my house will stay cleaner, and that I will not suffer so much from the dust/pollen allergies I have in the past. With the smaller unit running in the bedroom, dust is less noticeable, and I am sleeping better.

Thanking you, Ann Maine – Fergus, ON


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